Canyon Climbing at Tallulah Gorge

The hubby and I have just returned to work from our 10 day break. I know, bummer. There’s a million things I’d like to do with my daily life, and working is definitely not one of them. But we have to get the funds to travel somehow!

During our break we saw lots of family and friends, but we also had a chance to go on a day hike in North Georgia. There’s nothing we like more than being in the mountains – the weather, the views, and the culture speak to our souls, and we just can’t get enough. This time we went somewhere we have driven past several times during our trips elsewhere.

Tallulah Gorge in Tallulah Falls, GA

Tallulah Gorge in Tallulah Falls, Georgia was formed after hundreds of years of  erosion by the Tallulah River. In the late 1800’s, the roar of the river and the resulting waterfalls drew hundreds of visitor per day. A dam was built in 1913 and the numbers of tourists decreased. Today, the area is a Georgia State Park in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

The dam under Highway 441.

Highway 441 runs over the dam, and you can see the gorge on one side and Tallulah Falls Lake on the other.

Tallulah Falls Lake

We overslept and started our trip in the early afternoon of a chilly, windy day. Starting at the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center, we made our way to the overlooks facing the picturesque L’Eau d’Or Falls and Tempesta Falls.

L’Eau d’Or Falls
Tempesta Falls

We continued hiking the North Rim trail and made our way to the dam under the highway continued our loop counter-clockwise around the rim of the gorge until we reached the stairs descending around 200 feet to the suspended bridge above Hurricane Falls. After climbing over 300 stairs on the opposite side of the gorge, we had completed the loop.

Hurricane Falls from suspension bridge.

This hike was difficult, but the most difficult hikes have the best rewards and that’s what it’s all about.



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