Hey, I’m Jenna and I love travelling! I currently work as a computer technician in the Southeastern United States, and I use most of my time off from work to explore with my husband who is also in the I.T. field. Our favorite places to visit have beautiful landscapes,  abundant culture, and good beer (we’ll also settle for cocktails).

Techs On Leave was started as a creative outlet for me. I love taking photos and sharing them with my family and friends, and I wanted a place to write the stories that go along with them. “But why not post it all on Facebook?” you may be asking. For one, not everyone I want to share my travels with uses Facebook or social media for that matter, also Facebook feels too impersonal (I know that sounds weird, but hear me out). Though my photos and posts appear in Newsfeeds, it seems that there is so much more to be said than what people will read there. Posting things on social media websites feels like I’m one of hundreds of people trying to yell over each other about the things we care about. Having a place separate from all the hubbub of daily life to talk about a passion of mine seems so much more fitting. I have always loved technology and have dabbled in web design for a long time – so this is the perfect medium!

Soon, I will use social media to update my readers on new things happening here, so check back later to find out how to follow me!