We’ll Be Back in a Few Months!

If you follow my blog, you know it's in its infancy. My goal is to make this blog your #1 source for interesting travel destinations and useful tips. But with that said, I have been distracted lately life in general. Nothing bad is happening, but the hubby and I are having to focus on some big … Continue reading We’ll Be Back in a Few Months!


I’ve Been Learning How to Edit Videos…

I've been learning to edit the videos we make when going on our trips. I've made exactly 2 videos in my life. The second one I've ever made is at the bottom of this post. I do not claim to be good at making videos... yet. I am learning more and more everyday on a … Continue reading I’ve Been Learning How to Edit Videos…

Wildfires Force Gatlinburg Evacuation

Some of you may know that there are wildfires spreading across the Southern Appalachians. The fires began at the end of October, and have continued to spread throughout the month of November. The area has experienced extreme drought conditions since the summer months, which is contributing to the massive spread. Crews have been working day … Continue reading Wildfires Force Gatlinburg Evacuation